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F L O R A L 🌺 + brushes

Some character pieces that I've painted recently 😍✨

'What brushes are you using?' is the simple most question that I get on here. I've spent over 6 years collecting my Photoshop brushes and I'm finally releasing them 😁

Its funny cause I feel like theres two types of ppl, the ones who think brushes are the most important thing and the ones who say that brushes don't matter at all. And for me, I've always thought that both of those are wrong πŸ€”

Its really a balance between the two where the truth lies. Its really skill and experience above all, but at the same time, if you're using the wrong tool, you re not gonna get far. U need the right brushes πŸ™ˆ

I talk more about this and where you can download my brushes for FREE in my new vlog. You can watch it right now on my Youtube channel. Here's a linkπŸ’•: